Dwight Phillips

Full Name: Dwight Phillips
Preferred Name: Dwight
Where did you grow up? Cookeville, Tennessee
Where did you go to school? Cookeville High School and TTU
Where do you work? Putnam County Sheriff's Department
Family: Wife - Jennifer; Son - Logan; Daughter - Helena
Why did you become a Sunday School or Bible Study Teacher? Because Jeff kept after me to become one. But also, because it allows me to perhaps help young people understand that someone knows what they are going through, and can understand what pressures they are under, and how to deal with them (hopefully).
What do you like most about your curriculum? It gives a lot of freedom to discuss our opinions and thoughts. It doesn't just give facts to learn and stop there, it encourages input from everyone.
Your Church background and "testimony": I started out in a Methodist church, but spent most of my life in a Freewill Baptist Church. Both congregations were pretty small, which allowed me to have several close friendships over a long period of time. It helped instill in me how much people grow to love and care about each other.
One interesting/quirky fact about you: I have a vast knowledge about football statistics, or as Jennifer says "useless information"


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