Les Houston

Full Name:
Leslie Herve Houston, Jr
Name you prefer your students to call you: Houston, Texas, Dallas, Ft.Worth, etc.,just kidding, I prefer either Les or Mr. Les
Where did you grow up? Surgoinsville, TN
Where did you go to school (high and college)? Volunteer High School ; Walter State Community College; and East Tennessee State University
Where do you work? Flowserve Corporation – Flow Control Division
Family: Father – Leslie H. Houston Sr., Mother – Shirley Marie Houston, Brothers – Kelvin, Chris, and Eric Houston, Nephews Jacob and Justin Houston.Wife- Susan Houston, Children: Leslie, Jacen, Jaden, and Katy Houston
Why did you become a Sunday School or Bible Study Teacher?I feel it is a privilege to serve.I’ve always felt I do not deserve the honor, but when asked, how can you say no to something that will please God?
What do you like most about your curriculum?
I like the versatility.You can select from different activities that reinforce the lesson.I also enjoy the emphasis on actual Bible study.
Church Background/Testimony: I came to Christ when I was 12 and the gift I was given at baptism (other than the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) was an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the Word of God.I had read most of the Bible by the time I was 14, but I struggled back and forth with my Baptist upbringing between the grace that saves you, and the expectations that God has on you as a believer.I church-hopped for many years, trying to answer this question.I attended a Church of God Seventh Day which was very legalistic, and back to Baptist churches occasionally which tended to be driven by emotion and dependent entirely on grace.The solution came when I got married.Susan was a member of a Christian church.I was going to a Primitive Baptist church at the time.When we got married, she gave up her church and committed to go to wherever I went.I chose to give up my church as well and we started attending First Christian Church in Rogersville.I had a close friend that I knew was as solid a believer as they come.After learning many truths while attending there, I came to believe their doctrine was the closest I had ever found to meeting the description of the Church as laid out in the book of Acts and Timothy and I have been dedicated to the biblical doctrines of the Christian Church ever since.
One interesting/quirky fact about you: I enjoy reading comic books.While most of them are not fit to read anymore due to being polluted as everything by media’s assault on the values and traditions that have made our country great, I love reading stories pitting Good against Evil.Like Tolkien’s Books (Lord of the Rings), I enjoy stories that pit men against unbeatable odds where it appears there is no way for the hero to prevail, but through unspeakable self-sacrifice and hardship, manage through some way to prevail. I believe most of these stories are, in essence, just the Christ story told in a secular way.


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