Tommy Madewell

Full Name:
William Thomas Madewell (Tommy)
Name you prefer your students to call you: Tommy
Where did you grow up? Cookeville
Where did you go to school (high and college)? Cookeville High
Where do you work? Sprint Store by Wireless Direct
Family: Father – Bedford Madewell (Tom) Deceased, Mother – Rachel Madewell, Sisters – Teresa Madewell Deceased, Amy and David Copeland, 2 Nephews – Tyler and Jeremiah Copeland, 2 Nieces – Heather and Lydia Copeland.
Why did you become a Sunday School or Bible Study Teacher?Honestly due to the other teacher leaving, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I accepted the challenge and I’m so thankful God put me in this position. It has helped me to grow and mature in my Christian walk.
What do you like most about your curriculum?The First Place 4 Health program revolves around the 4 parts of your being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It shows us how God intended for us to live and how we need to make the necessary changes to conform to how God wants us to live, not for us, but to live and serve Him and serve others.
Your church background and “testimony”:As a child I went to a Church of Christ church. I helped start Colonial Heights Church of Christ. Since I grew up in the Church I learned from a young age that having Christ in my life was important, but I had not decided to accept Christ yet. I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do.I did my share of bad things, but as I grew up and got to an age of real understanding I knew I had to be baptized. Once I was baptized it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I then became involved in the Christian church and am one of the founding members of Calvary Christian Church. I have since grown and matured greatly, but I have a lot more to learn.
One interesting/quirky fact about you: My grandparents on my mom’s side had 17 children and only 2 were boys. When I was born my grandmother said she would call me Tommy no matter what my mom named me since there was not a Tommy in the family.



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